What it comes to purchasing chemicals, Coastal Chemical Pools shows you how to Pinch a Penny in West Palm Beach. Coastal Chemical Pools will have a pool technician come to your home and handle all of your pool chemical needs. For the same COST you purchase chemicals and do it yourself.

Imagine being able to save the same amount of money and save the time of actually completing the task of balancing your chemicals. This way you can spend more time with you family enjoying the pool!

The ability to purchase chemicals on your own to balance your pool chemicals on your own is no longer the cheapest way to get it done. We understand that many homeowners want to save money due to the high costs of living and if you are a new homeowner, a mortgage will kill you! We show you How to Pinch a Penny in West Palm Beach.

If you are one of those homeowners that purchase chemicals on your own to balance your pool chemicals, you should keep reading!

Choose Choosing Coastal Chemical Pools to Pinch a Penny in West Palm Beach

Instead of driving your vehicle to purchase pool chemical supplies, risk spilling chlorine, staining your vehicle carpet and wasting your time, money and energy. Coastal Chemicals will handle your pool chemical tasks so that you can still Pinch a Penny in West Palm Beach and the lovely part is, someone else is doing it for you!

Just have Coastal Chemical Pools do it for the same COST!! Get Started with your Pool Service now!

For only $59.50 per month we come to your home every other week. We make sure that your pool is crystal clear. Our technician maintains and does a Full Chemical Balancing. We cover all of your PH, Alkalinity, Calcium, Chlorine, Bromine levels and clean your pool filter.

We check chemical levels and adjust the chemicals at the correct levels to make sure that your pool stays clear and clean.

Do you think you are Pinching a Penny?

Many people think that “if I do it myself I can save money”. Well in this situation this is not the case. Coastal Chemical Pools has been in business since 1982, over 30 years. Coastal Chemical gets chemicals for such a low cost due to purchasing such large amounts of chemicals at once. We then pass the savings down to our customers.

This makes it a no-brainier to hire Coastal Chemical Pools to handle your Pool Cleaning/Chemical needs, Don’t Do it Yourself ever again! The real pinch a penny is when you are saving money and not having to do it yourself. Saving time is more important so you can spend it with your family.